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Through the joint venture of Frankfurt School and Plutoneo, our clients benefit from the unique combination of academic research and industry-relevant expertise.


The Carbon Emissions of Bitcoin From an Investor Perspective

This study outlines a new approach on how to offset CO2 emissions caused by the Bitcoin network for investors, asset managers, crypto exchanges and custodians.

Coinbase Crypto Report Europe 2021

This report is based on surveys and identifies trends and attitiudes in the crypto asset market as well as the use of crypto-specific investment opportunities in Germany and Europe as.

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About INTAS.tech

INTAS.tech is a blockchain consulting company founded by Frankfurt School and Plutoneo Consulting, specifically tailored to the needs of financial organizations and companies in the crypto space. INTAS.tech focuses on the integration and handling of digital assets as well as the strategic assessment of blockchain deployment opportunities and their implementation.

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