Client Cases

At we focus on consultation and implementation of regulatory and economically feasible use cases. Learn more about the real-world use cases can offer your organization, development of target operating models, case studies, and platform development.

Integration of crypto assets into investment funds

The client’s goal is to expand the investable universe to enable innovative investment opportunities for existing and new target groups

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Development of target operating model and vendor selection crypto custody

The client wants to ensure the handling of private keys in the context of crypto assets

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Development of a DLT-based platform for crypto fund units

The goal is to find a suitable DLT framework for the implementation of the use case, taking into account architectural options (permissioned vs. public blockchain)

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Impact analysis electronic fund units/crypto fund units

The client wants to examine the impact on existing processes and systems in the context of the transition to electronic fund units and crypto fund units for the current subscription and redemption process

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