DLT Pilot Regime Workshop

Annerton and help you navigate this new environment. Identify opportunities and develop your digital asset strategy in consideration of the upcoming DLT Pilot Regime.

DLT Pilot Regime - EU-wide regulatory sandbox

The DLT Pilot Regime is an EU-wide regulatory sandbox for market infrastructures based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It aims to further support and promote the potential of digital finance in terms of innovation and competition while reducing potential risks. The DLT pilot regime’s testing environment is planned for six years, starting on 23 March 2023, enabling permissioned firms to provide services across the EU.

DLT Pilot Regime scope to operate the following DLT-based market infrastructures:

  • DLT multilateral trading facility (DLT MTF) – operated by an investment firm or market operator
  • DLT settlement system (DLT SS) – operated by a central securities depository (CSD)
  • DLT trading and settlement system (DLT TSS) – operated by an investment firm, market operator, or CSD

DLT Pilot Regime scope regarding crypto-assets that qualify as financial instruments within the meaning of MiFID II:

  • shares, the issuer of which has a market capitalization, or a tentative market capitalization, of less than EUR 500 million
  • bonds, other forms of securitized debt or money market instruments, with an issue size of less than EUR 1 billion, excluding those that embed a derivative or a complex structure
  • units in collective investment undertakings with a market value of the assets under management of less than EUR 500 million


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Annerton and can help you navigate this new environment. Develop your digital asset strategy in consideration of the upcoming DLT Pilot Regime in March 2023. We help you identify opportunities
as well as resulting consequences for your organization.

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