Bitcoin Carbon Footprint Analysis

Bitcoin Carbon Footprint Analysis About the study The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and present a flexible carbon offset model for investors, asset managers, crypto exchanges, and custodians. Our model allows the calculation to focus on either the number of Bitcoins held (ownership-based network usage) or on proportional network usage relative to the growth of […]

Digital Assets: The Future Of Capital Markets

For many years, certain parts of the financial markets have been burdened by unnecessary restrictions that create inefficiencies in the free allocation of capital. The imminent widespread adoption of digital assets promises to change that. This article serves as an introduction to digital assets and describes some of the associated opportunities and challenges for retail […]

IT Security as a critical factor in the context of digital assets

The ongoing digitization of assets poses significant challenges to the security of IT. On the one hand, more cyberattacks can be expected the more asset classes are traded in the form of tokens. On the other hand, the efficient interactions of humans and machines in the execution of transactions and decentralized applications are coming into […]

adesso and to work together for blockchain-based market infrastructures in the financial sector

adesso has entered into a partnership with is a management consultancy specializing in the integration and management of digital assets for financial services, combining adesso’s expertise in technology and the financial industry with the in-depth knowledge of securities and blockchain specialists. Both companies combine their specific knowledge of the capital market and their […]

Frankfurt School and Plutoneo set up blockchain consulting firm

Frankfurt am Main — May 06, 2021 — Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and strategy consultancy Plutoneo are pooling their blockchain expertise in a joint venture. The newly founded company will develop solutions for the use of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT), focusing on companies in the banking and finance industry. Interest […]